How a schedule will keep you from getting off

I have a schedule. I know, it’s funny to see Mistress Ryan saying something like that. For eleven years, I have used generalities; I’m available when it’s dark-ish out. That’s about as close as I get to a schedule; preferring a bit of freedom to live how and when I decide. However, as some changes have come into my life recently, I am now in a position where I must keep an actual, identifiable schedule. This is going to be unfamiliar territory for both of us. But, if we’re good about it, there’s a small chance I might see fit to allow you to orgasm.

Why a schedule?

My life is changing. I’m finding things I enjoy doing that do not necessarily mesh well with working the hours I’ve kept for most of my life, let alone just the past decade. Despite my best efforts, I haven’t found a way of adding more hours to a day. I’m stuck with the same twenty-four as the rest of the world. I’ve managed this far without a schedule, but things are starting to slip. For example, I’ve been meaning to write this post since the fifth. It’s now the fourteenth. And the only reason I’m writing it now is because I’ve logged out for the night and I’m getting ready to sleep. Yes. Mistress Ryan, long believed half vampire, sleeps.

How hard can working without a schedule really be?

The answer? Almost im-fucking-possible. Here’s what I must do in each day and the hours it eats up.

Sleep 5 19
Housework 2 17
Cooking (x3) 1.5 15.5
Time with family 5 10.5
Writing 3 7.5
Marketing 2 5.5
Appointments 2 3.5

Yep, you’re reading that right. Now, admittedly I don’t have appointments every day, but I also sometimes manage to convince my body to sleep for more than five hours. The point is to have a healthy balance of work and life. It’s a bit like juggling swords while your pants are on fire; one of those things is going to get your attention while the other one kills you. So, I’m hoping that by setting a schedule, I can get everything done without getting stabbed (because if you knew what I spend on lingerie, you’d be rushing to save them first too).

So what is your schedule going to be?

I know, I’ve gotten you all the way here and my answer is. “I’m not sure yet”. I’m a horrid tease, aren’t I? Telling you now that my schedule is going to be in flux over the coming month is the only answer I have for you. I’ve started a new job, working part-time, and that’s going to eat up about five hours a day as well. So I’ll still be taking calls but I’ll be around more during the bright parts of the day. (I know, I shuddered just typing that) So if you’re used to seeing me at night, consider scheduling a call with me during the day.



One thought on “How a schedule will keep you from getting off

  1. I run into the same problem: I HATE keeping a schedule. So I understand completely. Especially since I come from an Administrative background and had to keep a schedule for so many years, that when I finally had the freedom to do so, I avoided it like the plague. But thanks for the update, so that now I know when to stalk you. 😛 xoxoxoxoxooxo

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