eddie fucking

The Fuckship of Eddie

Eddie sat behind the wheel of the car, not quite ready to turn the ignition on yet. Once the engine came to life, this little bubble of slutty behavior was done with, and he’d have to go back to being Edward. He wanted this one to last just a second or two more. His eyes drifted shut as he thought about everything he’d done in the last four hours.

eddie fucking

First Dates

He’d pulled into the parking space, and snorted out a chuckle as he noticed the car parked beside his, the Grand Cherokee that belonged to Ryan. That just gave him a little bit more incentive to have a good night, knowing she’d be there beside him. They had a good working relationship and an understanding of how things operate. He opened the employee door to the shop where he worked and put his things away in his corner before he stepped through the curtain to the main floor. Ryan was already at the register, checking out a trio of college boys buying a movie, and Eddie maneuvered himself over to shelving to start straightening up before the rush of people would arrive and screw it all up again. He’d barely managed a shelf when he felt her coming up behind him, he held his breath for just a moment in anticipation.

Predators Hunt, Prey Flirts

I’d arrived thirty minutes or so before his shift was scheduled to begin to start the plan forward. He’d been flirting for weeks, wearing jeans tight enough to make even my nineteen eighties memories wince, and if I didn’t know better, I would swear he had taken to wearing the lip gloss I had commented I liked on someone a few weeks ago the day after I’d made it. He’d been trying so hard to get my attention, and he didn’t realize he’d had it from day one. The day he’d come to interview for the job, I’d been interested, and it hadn’t waned in its attention. He was attentive, prompt, friendly to customers, and discrete; all things every adult novelty store clerks should be, but sadly weren’t.

I’d paid attention to him over the months we’d been working together, and we were coming up on his one-year anniversary. He and I had gotten along quite well, an easily discussed, at length, different fetishes, fantasies, experiences both within and outside of the kinky world. Those conversations had led to more intimate discussions about reciprocity and power exchange. It had been when he’d been at the shop four months that we began our power exchange relationship, with him as the submissive. Since then, we had the chance to explore many of those same fantasies together, and I’d noticed a distinct pattern to the types of things he enjoyed. With a little coaxing, I got him to admit he had a fetish for oral worship, though not of a specific body part, just the act itself. The first time I sat my arse down against his mouth, I will swear to you on a stack of coffee bags, I saw Fred, making donuts.

I also noticed he had a taste for humiliation. Not anything fierce, but a light teasing to make him uncomfortable; make him squirm. So the first time I introduced him to my strapon, the lights were popping behind his eyeballs so bright, it was like a glitter ball exploded. Of course, that also might have been because I had my hand on the back of his head and I was fucking his mouth, too. About two months ago, I’d casually asked him if he thought he might want to suck a warm cock, and he’d paused for a moment, his fist tightening ever so slightly around the coffee mug he’d been holding at the time, which was usually his tell.

“I’ve, uh, thought about it once or twice. Not sure if I’m ready to make that leap just yet,” he’d said, swallowing hard past the croak in his throat. I managed to hide my smirk, but only just.

“Once or twice. I can respect that. On the one hand, you know, there’s the idea that you might like it a bit too much, and then you have to worry about a whole new sexual identity crisis. We went through that in our teens, I’m quite sure neither of us would like to go through it again. Although, if your curiosity ever did get the better of you, I’m sure something could be arranged.”

So I’d put together this little plan for him and I was so very looking forward to executing it.

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