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A Man in Panties

My lover is very much an Alpha male. He’s confident, successful, handsome, and when he walks into a room people notice him. While he’s not as tall as I am, his presence fills every space he occupies. No one would ever guess underneath all that masculinity is a panty-loving cocksucker.

Love of Panties

In order to explain how I got him to wear panties, I have to explain my own fascination. I love lingerie of all varieties; panties, corsets, waist cinchers, and stockings fill my bureaus. Yes, bureaus. Plural. That’s how much I love lingerie. When we first began sleeping together, I didn’t give much thought to how he would strip my panties down my legs because I was too busy focusing on how much I wanted to fuck him. But as time went on, I began to notice how much attention he would pay my panties. It was almost worshipful the way he would carefully pull them down my legs and lay them to the side. I waited for the appropriate time to confirm my suspicions.

The Tease

It was near Christmas when I saw my chance. We had a get-together at his house, and we’d each had a few glasses of wine. After everyone left, he and I were in the living room enjoying the warm, fuzzy feeling of a good buzz. I could feel his eyes on me, and when I turned to look at him, sure enough, there was a look in his eyes that told me he was just as horny as I was. Understand, our relationship was not one based on power, but he was aware that I am a Femdom. He moved across the couch to sit beside me, and leaned in to kiss me, but I pulled away.

“Would you try something for me?” I asked him, watching his reaction carefully.

“I’m game for just about anything right now,” he answered as he put his hand on my thigh. I could feel his thumb rubbing against the suspenders holding my stockings up.

“Take your clothes off for me?” I watched him strip out of his suit, and as he stripped, I felt my panties getting even more damp. This was going to be beautiful. Once he was naked, he put his hands on his hips and smirked at me; he could tell how wet I was getting from the way my hips were rolling against the cushion.

“You have me naked. Whatever will you do with me?” He was laughing, but his cock was bobbing in front of him. I motioned him closer and wrapped my hand around his shaft. His laugh turned to a moan as my hand slid towards the head and curled around it. My hand slipped down and his moan turned into something filthy.

“It’s not what I’m going to do with you so much as it’s what you’re going to do for me,” I told him, continually stroking back and forth lightly. I used my fingernails to gently scratch the underside of his shaft, which I knew would drive him nuts. “I want to watch you jerk off for me using my panties.”

Panty Jerk-Off

His expression changed instantly, but I felt his cock throb in my palm. He was looking at me with an expression somewhere between awe and fear. He tried to stammer out something, nothing even remotely resembling an actual word, but I stopped him with a gentle rub of my thumb against the head of his cock.

“It’s one of my biggest fantasies. I love your cock and I love panties. I just want to see the two together.”

While he was still processing, I sunk down on the couch enough that my arse was at the edge of the couch, and I slithered my skirt up enough to show off the tops of my stockings. I had every intention of taking my panties off, but he surprised me by dropping down to his knees and reaching for my legs.

“Let me,” he whispered as he reached under me and hooked his fingers in the sides of my panties. As he took them down, we could both see how soaked through they were. I could smell my own arousal, sweet and sticky in the air, as he brought the panties to his cock and wrapped the wet crotch around the head of his shaft.

“Stroke for me.”

And he did.

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