The Cocktease And The Deliveryman

What is a cocktease

A cocktease is someone described as a person who leads a man to the mistaken belief that they are going to have sex but doesn’t follow through to the actual deed. The date that wears a sexy outfit and presses up against you all night. The person that leaves profoundly suggestive emails or voicemails. If you allow the cliché, the one that teased you in school but never put out. Eventually, you catch on and put your attention elsewhere, but for some … it never quite works out that way.

Where I fall On The Spectrum

I’ve always been quite upfront about my feelings on the male orgasm, so I’m in the same neighborhood concerning my titles. Teasing a man to the breaking point, watching him reach that edge over and over again, only to deny him at the end gives me a special thrill. Occasionally, it also gives me a moment of levity, when the man in question breaks, so to speak. Of course, it can also be said that it provides moments of embarrassment when things don’t “quite” go according to plan.

My, what a large machine you have!

Just this past Monday, I was taking calls but there was something in the back of my head that was telling me I’d forgotten something. I spent most of the morning trying to remember and then when nothing popped up, I just ignored it. I should know by now not to ignore these feelings, but I was feeling a bit dangerous. So here I am, around four in the afternoon and I’m on a call with a beloved client, talking about their bimbo coerced sissification fantasies when there comes a knock on my door. And like a bad scene from a cheesy porn movie, there’s a deliveryman at my door, complete with the slightly sweaty complexion (it’s in the upper nineties here in Florida) and a clipboard. Now mind you, I’m actively on the phone with a client and suddenly I remember why I’d been thinking something was off … I’d been expecting a new washing machine! I’m now standing in the middle of my office, headset on, talking to someone about sucking a man’s cock … while a man is standing on the other side of the door.

Talk about awkward!

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