Virtual World Mistress

In the virtual world, you can be anyone you want to be; a doctor, a whore, a woman, a half-drow that mated with a bard that swings a sword made of ice cream. Anything and everything is possible once you enter the virtual reality of the modern internet. People from all walks of life comment positively on each other for their choices, their clothing, and their way of life. Yes, you have your trolls, but they are easily avoided if you are smart. One group, however, that I find is somehow left to the outskirts of such positive reinforcement are those of us who choose to be ourselves. We have been relegated to a bizarre minority, only to be looked upon as “weird,” or “strange” by others. In equal measure, I find this disturbing and hysterical.  

What do you mean you are “virtually” you?

Exactly that. When you see Mistress Ryan on Second Life (or even in my alt, which some of you are familiar with), that is who I am. I’m playful, passionate, and eternally sarcastic. I work quite a bit because I find it rewarding, but also because I have a very healthy … let’s call it a pastime … for spending time shopping Secondlife designers and creators. Between working and shopping, there are hours to fill with getting to know people from all over the globe. Some of my best friends in-world come from places where they barely speak English, or they have an entirely different set of rules for their avatars (vampires are my personal favorite). Similar to how I am when we are on the phone together, I see no reason to insist on honorifics or to make people feel as though they can’t approach me. It’s also partially why I don’t do sessions in our virtual reality … I have found that I quite enjoy socializing more than anything else.

Authentic Virtual Life

Several months ago, when I was first getting started in the virtual world, Mistress Harper had her “Rez Day Party” to celebrate one year in the virtual grid. After which, she had a Whore School podcast about things she had learned in a year. One of the things that stuck with me, from all the fantastic advice she gave was that you get out what you put in. SecondLife, RLC, Virtual Vancouver; all of them are places to experience life the way you want to … but if you are doing the same things in-world that you do off-world … you aren’t really giving it a chance.

The same can be said for re-inventing yourself. If you are forcing yourself into a box that isn’t comfortable … trying to be something you aren’t … are you really enjoying your second chance at life? Think about that.

Until next time,

Your Virtual World Mistress

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