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5 amazing tips that will improve your oral sex skills

Oral sex can be a very touchy subject. There’s been more instances than not in my life where someone claims to be phenomenal, only to find out they eat pussy like a Saint Bernard slobbering a bowl of grits. Manners tell me that I should wait for them to finish; my need to actually get off tells me to make them stop. On the other hand, I’ve had my own oral sex skills complimented, time and again. So what am I doing differently? How can I help you to be better? If you trust me just a little. If you aren’t afraid of the dark. I’ve got five tips for you.

Ignore the fads

Sadly, most of what is out on the internet is what I’d consider to be a “fad”. People offering fruit-flavored oral sex, using lozenges or sprays to numb their throats, or diets to improve the taste. Most fads are ridiculous (avoiding red meat for two nights is not going to make your cum taste better. Try two months, bucko); others are downright dangerous. Lozenges and sprays that numb your throat prevent you from feeling their cock in your mouth, which could lead to your being hurt inadvertently. And I cannot even begin to list the number of things wrong with sluicing their junk with half a grapefruit. It’s begging for a canker sore.

Oral sex isn’t just oral

Sucking is the main part of oral sex but it’s not the only part. Outside of fetishes like skull fucking or objectification, you’re going to have use of your hands, lips, tongue, hair, and a variety of other things. Tease your lover. Suck the head of their cock while you stroke the shaft with your hand. Lick from the base of his cock up to the head. Stick your tongue out and lick around the crown. If you have long hair, stroke it up and down the shaft a few times. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Toys for Boys

In my recent blog post, we talked a little about toys you can use for anal stimulation. There are toys for manual masturbation and to enhance oral sex. You can certainly incorporate some of what we talked about when playing with your butt, such as vibrators, anal plugs, or prostate massager. And the sound a man makes when his balls are bound up and you lick underneath? Best sound in the world. Investigate the use of some toys, but remember tip number one. Avoid the fads.

Be brave. Ask!

It’s not something we’ve been taught to do. But, like your grandmother probably told you, “You don’t learn anything unless you ask!” Talk about what you like; talk about what you don’t like. Sit down together before you do the deed and have a frank discussion about what turns you on and what turns you off. Ask what your partner likes or doesn’t like.

Watch more porn

No, I’m not kidding. I’m a lesbian and my cocksucking techniques have been complimented repeatedly. How did I learn? I watched premium gay porn. I watch enough of it that I know body parts. Cocksucking is something you can learn … improve your technique … find a new sensitivity or a new trick. Take advantage of what’s out there!

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