a mature cocktease

The fifty-first shade of grey is a mature cocktease

I’m a mature cocktease. When someone asked me to describe what made a mature cocktease different, I admit I was at a bit of a loss. I mean, I know what makes me special but how to convey that in written word was … harder than I expected. I thought back to some of my callers in the past who came to me on a recommendation and they were used to younger entertainers. I’m not going to say this is true for everyone; if you really just get off on younger cockteases, go on with your bad self. I’m not for everyone. But I thought this little story might help explain things. It could be a reality for you.


Try a mature cocktease

He wasn’t sure this was going to work, but he was willing to have an open mind. He’d stumbled into a website that advertised itself as a cock concierge service for phone sex. The chat room style questionnaire was a little weird but the operator assured him that the more information he could provide, the better she could match him with an operator. After a few minutes of increasingly uncomfortable questions, the woman informed him that she had three names for him.

[Concierge: So I have the first two names for you. Jenna and Andi are both really awesome at cock teasing and they are both in their twenties. Now the third name I have is a bit older but is a really outstanding mature cocktease. Her name is Ryan. From the way you were talking when I asked you about the style you like, you described something closer to what Ryan would fit in to. But all three are excellent! You should try a call with two or all three of them some day!]

He’d gone to their website and clicked each picture of the women who’d been recommended to him. Jenna and Andi were both sexy and their voices made his cock twitch. He glanced briefly at Ryan, taking in the long legs and … something made him pause. He couldn’t put his finger on it but there was something about the way she described herself that appealed to him. Five minutes later, he was on the phone with a dispatcher and she was sending him through to Ryan.

A voice like no other

“Hello, this is Ryan,” came a rich voice that promised decadent debauchery. It rolled across the phone connection and his cock was suddenly paying much closer attention. He hadn’t expected her voice to be so … sultry.

A few minutes spent getting to know each other, laughing at her quick wit (hard cock notwithstanding), and settling into a comfortable position on the bed.

“Relax. Just close your eyes and imagine the feeling of my fingers, barely grazing your neck …,” her voice wrapped around his brain and he settled back with his eyes closed. He could just see her at the side of the bed. He could picture all six-foot-one of her frame hovering over him as she mapped her way across his chest. Her fingernails provided the lightest of scratches and, each time they grazed his nipple, he’d feel a spark go straight down to his cock.

She’d hadn’t even laid a hand on his cock and he was already twitching. The urge to reach down and touch his cock was almost overwhelming but she’d instructed him to just listen; to forgo stroking his cock. He wasn’t sure about that but he’d agreed willingly enough … after all, it’s not like she’d know if he were stroking. But for now, he put it off. He wanted to see where she’d go. Her hands palming against his rib cage, tickling lightly as she climbed onto the bed and straddled him. He opened his eyes and he could see her there as she’d described herself; long hair swept up into a loose bun, long torso laced into an emerald green corset and a pair of matching silky panties peeking out from under the corset. Those same silky panties that were now so close to his cock he could imagine he could feel the heat of her arousal.

A full body orgasm

When she leaned forward, brushing her lips against his ear as she whispered, “I’m so proud of you. You haven’t once touched that cock, despite knowing how badly you want to. You should be rewarded for that, yes?” He was agreeing before she’d even finished speaking. Anything that she asked, so long as he could stay in this one moment, where every inch of his body was strung tightly, and she was making his moans into an opera devoted to this mature cocktease. He had no idea how long they had been on the phone and, quite frankly, he couldn’t care less. The magic she was weaving had him thrusting against absolute nothing and imagining it was those silky panties. His entire world came down to a pinhole moment when he heard her whispering in his ear again … when the aroma of her arousal, her perfume, her desire filled his head … when her voice, like the richest of wines, penetrated the fog of arousal she’d woven.

“Cum for me, precious,” her voice had purred and, as every muscle in his body contracted, he felt her coaxing his orgasm through every nerve ending he had in his body. He gasped as he fell back against the mattress, sweaty and sticky. He could hear her purring deliciously and he opened his eyes. The ceiling of his bedroom was not as sexy as she had been.

A mature cocktease. He’d never considered it but that mature voice had teased him right into being a believer.


I bring a maturity that can only come from experience. I know how to tease you, bring you just to the brink, and hold you there on that edge until you’re desperate. A mature cocktease can do that because we’ve spent years figuring out how to make your cock respond. A teasing that comes with the richness of a woman whose life has been filled with experience, sexual discovery, and a freedom from caring who knows.

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