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Why I love Enchantrix Perks

Enchantrix Perks is a loyalty program designed to make your erotic phone experiences even better than before. You already love speaking with your favourite entertainer and now you can earn free rewards for doing what you’ve always done! Some of the perks include credit towards our audio store, free phone sessions, and for the VIPs among us, access to a members only chat hosted by Miss Ally and including the Mistresses. So how do you get in on this amazing program?

Register for your Enchantrix perks account

Simply by visiting the Enchantrix perks website and entering a username, email address, and setting a password, you can be setup to start earning points right away. That’s it! Easy, painless, and quick (and how many times in your life can you say Ryan did something painless and easy?) Once you’re registered, all you have to do is tell the dispatcher you’re a perks member and they’ll take care of the rest.

How does this loyalty program work

As mentioned above, with every call you place to Enchantrix Empire (LDW Group), mention to the dispatcher that you are a perks member. From there, it’s a 1:1 ratio of dollars spent to points earned. So if you call your favourite mature cocktease for thirty minutes of tease and denial, you’ve earned yourself an epic case of blue balls AND thirty points towards an Enchantrix perk.

How do I get my free stuff?

Even that’s a piece of cake. Once you have your points accumulated, drop an email to perks@enchantrixempire.com and your account will automatically be updated with your perks. Then, with your next call to Enchantrix Empire, simply mention you’d like to redeem your Enchantrix perks and the dispatcher can handle it from there. If it were any easier, we’d be offering you fifteen percent savings on your car insurance.

I’m still not convinced

Oh cupcake, you don’t know what you’re missing out on if you still don’t think this is for you. So, just between you and I? If you go sign up during February 2018, I’ll toss one hundred points (100!) your way, just for signing up. See? Easy AND nice.

I have to go scrub myself now … I did something nice.

Miss Ryan
A Proper Tease


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